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NDA Coaching near me: The National Defense Academy (NDA) is the premier military academy of India. It was established in 1958 and has been imparting education to officers of Indian Armed Forces since then. The NDA conducts various courses such as WOS-C, WOAS-C and WOAC-C for its students. Who wish to become officers in Indian Army.

NDA coaching in Chandigarh

NDA Coaching near me: If you are looking for the best NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh, then CAREER LAUNCHER is the perfect choice. At CAREER LAUNCHER, we offer a variety of courses and programs to help you prepare for your NDA exam. We provide our students with all the necessary resources. So that they can learn about their subjects and understand how to apply them in real-life scenarios.

CAREER LAUNCHERS is known as one of the best NDA coaching institutes in Chandigarh. Because we provide our students with excellent facilities such as:

  • A friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed while learning
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NDA exam pattern

NDA Coaching near me: NDA exam is a two-part test. The first part is written and the second part is medical. The written test includes objective type questions, multiple choice questions and negative marking system (you will be awarded 0 to 4 marks). It lasts for 3 hours and there are no negative points given for answering wrong answer or skipping any question in this category which means you can give as many attempts to answer each question as you wish without worrying about losing your precious time on one particular topic or section

How to prepare for NDA

NDA Coaching near me: NDA is an important examination for those students who wish to pursue their graduation or postgraduate studies. This exam is conducted by National Defence Academy (NDA) in New Delhi every year.

There are many steps you need to follow while preparing for the NDA exam:

  • The first step is to start preparing early because it’s a challenging process and most students don’t have enough time left until their exams start. So if you want your best result then it’s better if you start from now itself rather than waiting till January/February when most exams are scheduled for these months only! You can also visit our website www.nadacampuschandigarhindia and download our free study material which will help improve your skills related with English language, General Science etc., which will help in positively affecting your performance during NDA examination as well as future career options available after completion of graduation degree course from any university affiliated with Central University System (CUS) under Ministry Of HRD Govt Of India – Chandigarh Campus

NDA Syllabus and Preparation Tips

NDA Coaching near me: NDA syllabus and preparation tips.

The National Defense Academy (NDA) is an institution in India that trains officers for the Indian armed forces. It was founded in 1969 by the Government of India, to provide leadership training to future generations of Indian military officers. There are approximately 110000 cadets who graduate from this center annually. The syllabus for NDA exam is given below:

  • NDA Syllabus – This includes both Physical and Mental fitness tests along with written test which you can refer to as well if you want some guidance on how exactly it works out here: https://www.ndasysbacademyindiaorg/course-materials_nda_syllabus/.
  • NDA Exam Pattern – The exam consists four sections namely General Knowledge, General Aptitude Test (GAT), Language Comprehension Test & Reasoning Ability Test (RAT). There are three papers each paper with one question each followed by a break between two papers making it five sessions altogether covering over 9 hours duration per day lasting up until midnight atleast once during your entire stay there starting its first session Monday morning till Friday evening depending upon when you register online through their website  beforehand!
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Best book for NDA preparation

NDA Coaching near me: The best book for NDA preparation is the one that you can easily understand. If you are looking for a book that will help you get ready for the exam, then this article is just what you need.

The best books will be those which contain questions and answers based on current affairs, current events and other such topics related to NDA. The following are some great books which will help in getting prepared for your exams:

  • English: Harsha Malhotra’s “English For Competitive Exams” is an excellent choice if your goal is to improve your speaking skills as well as reading comprehension abilities. It also provides useful tips on how best to study vocabulary lists so as not only increase their retention but also make sure they’re understood by listeners when spoken by speakers who aren’t native speakers themselves (like candidates competing against each other). You’ll find plenty of practice exercises provided within these pages too!

Best coaching institute for NDA in Chandigarh

NDA is a national level competitive exam for the post of Defence Production Assistants. It is conducted by Ministry of Defence and Civil Services Commission, India. The pattern of this exam is same as IAS/IPS/SCPCM exams.

There are two papers in NDA – Paper I (English & Hindi) and Paper II (Hindi only). Candidates who wish to take admission into Indian Army may appear for both papers which will be held separately at different centres across India.

The syllabus includes subjects like General Studies, History Culture Civics, Math’s, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Computer Applications, Economics Political, Science Accounting, Finance Business Studies, Marketing Communication, Advertising Public Relations Management, Human Resource Development HRD, Governance Mass, Comm Social Media, Law Criminology Economics, Social Work Management, Information Technology ITI, Agriculture Biotechnology Dairy, Husbandry Animal, Fisheries Forestry, Forest Management, Soil Conservation, and Plant Protection.

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Best book for English and General Science

Best book for English and General Science

  • English Language: [Best book]
  • General Science: [Best book]

Tips to prepare English

  • Read newspapers daily.
  • Read books, novels, poems and short stories.
  • Read plays for their language and style.
  • Try to read essays in English which you find interesting and challenging.
  • Read biographies of great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore etc., if you can relate with their lives. Then it will help you understand better what they have done for the country or humanity at large (this is an example).

Tips to prepare General Science

NDA Coaching near me: If you want to study for General Science, here are some tips:

  • Study the NCERT textbook. This is the official book for all classes from Class 6 onwards. You can use it as a reference and make notes in it. Copy useful information from the text into your notebook. Or on a piece of paper whenever possible; this will help you remember what’s in the book better than just reading through it once or twice.
  • Read stories about science topics and look at pictures of various objects related to those topics (e.g., animals, plants). This will help with visualization skills and encourage children who might not be interested in science subjects yet. But still want some knowledge about them so that later on when they have free time during recesses etcetera…
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Join Career Launcher to get best guidance from experts

NDA Coaching near me: Join Career Launcher to get best guidance from experts.

Expertise, experience and credibility are the three pillars of the company’s success. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated in providing high quality service to its clients at an affordable price. They also provide counseling services as well as coaching classes regarding NDA exam preparation which helps students get through the exams with ease and confidence.

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NDA Coaching near me: NDA is the most sought-after exam for the career of dreams. It has become even more important than before as the country is going through a recession and companies are looking for skilled professionals to handle their business operations. The NDA exam pattern and syllabus have been revised in many ways. Which means that students need to have a detailed knowledge about all these changes before attempting this challenging exam. Here are some tips that may help you prepare for NDA in Chandigarh:

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