NDA institute in Chandigarh

Are you a student? And do you want to crack a competitive exam like NDA or UPSC? So I prefer you the best NDA institute in Chandigarh it’s Innovative Future Academy (IFA). IFA provides you with the best NDA coaching in Chandigarh. They provide you with the best teachers. They provide you with all facility in her institute. And your dream to crack NDA so I have some tips and tricks for you. You follow these tips and you got ranked in your exam. 

What is the NDA exam?

NDA exam is a competitive exam. NDA is a written exam. The time consumed for this exam is a total 5hrs. 2:50hrs for the mathematics exam and 2:50hrs for the general ability exam. If you want to crack your exam first, you need to work on your mathematics because mathematics is the most important exam in NDA. Also, You need to study your general knowledge like (History, Current affairs), etc. These exams include negative marking so, beware of negative marking. Once you cracked the NDA exam then you required a higher post in the army it’s lieutenant. 

Age limit for NDA exam

You have 5 chances to crack the NDA exam. The valid age for the NDA exam is 17-21. You first entered this exam in the 12th class. You don’t need to choose the only non-medical stream. But if you want to join the airforce or navy then a non-medical stream is important to choose for join airforce or navy. But your age limit is over and you want to join the army so don’t worry. Now, the CDS exam is here. CDS exam is just like the NDA exam CDS exam for college students. The age limit for the CDS exam is 21-25. The same requirements are important for the CDS exam.

How to prepare for the NDA exam?

First of all search for the Best NDA institute in Chandigarh. No doubt, NDA is a competitive exam and it’s very difficult to crack the NDA exam but it’s not impossible. You crack the NDA exam with some planning and preparation. The right preparation decides whether you crack NDA or not. These are some tips to clear the NDA exam.

  • You need to more study your weak subjects.
  • You study last year’s solved question papers.
  • Set your timetable.
  • Manage your time. 
  • Improve your mathematics skills.
  • Do focus on news and general knowledge.
  • Set your daily goals and how many concepts you cover in one day.
  • Improve yourself every day because each day is very important for the NDA exam.

You cant get pressure on the NDA exam. If you study with planning then you crack your NDA exam very easily. so, don’t get pressure on your mind. Because an unhealthy mind can’t think so far. And NDA exams need a high IQ level. 


Best NDA institute in Chandigarh: Every year no. of students entered this exam but only a few students are selected for the next level. And the exam is not only important for this lieutenant job the physical health also important for this job. So, improve yourself every day by not only studying but also improving your physical health. 

The best NDA institute in Chandigarh is (IFA). IFA provides you with all facilities. And IFA provides you best education for NDA exams.   

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