CDS exam

The CDS exam is also known as the Combined Defence Services exam which is held every year by UPSC to recruit officials in the Military, Airforce, and Naval academies of India. These CDS exams get scheduled twice a year by the UPSC. Both men and women can find multiple options through this exam. Women can even apply for the CDS exam under Officer Training Academy posts only. It is a great career track field with praise and respect. Aspirants who are curious about defense should try CDS 2023 and start their journey with any one of the prestigious organizations of the Indian Security Forces.

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  • The CDS exam is a national-level defense admission test. Millions of Indian people bear a part in CDS Exams and become security officers.
  • The preference of the applicants is based on an academic exam. After that, an interview for intelligence and character will get taken. The written exams are CDS exams1 and CDS exams2. And the Interviews are executed by the SSB.
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CDS EXAM 2023 

Every year, the CDS exam is performed in two phases. Now, it’s time for the UPSC to conduct the CDS 1 2023 exam to recruit aspirants for the defense forces. Aspirants appearing for the forthcoming exam on 16 April 2023 should know all the CDS 2023 exam details.

CDS Exam Eligibility

The UPSC has set some eligibility standards for the CDS examination, the curious candidates must read the full article to know the age limit and eligibility criteria prescribed by the UPSC to be qualified for the CDS test. 

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CDS Exam Eligibility 2023

The Aspirants must check the necessary guidelines provided: 

  • If candidates aren’t fulfilling the eligibility standards defined by the board, the candidature of such nominees will be announced null or void at any step of recruitment.
  • If the nominee is seen guilty after the appointment, in such cases the candidate will be sacked from the services.
  • UPSC will perform document verification after the personality test of candidates, the candidates have to produce valid records at the time of document validation.
  • Male divorcee applicants will not be viewed as unmarried. Thus, they will not be qualified for the CDS exam.
  • Change in date of birth will not be permitted at any phase of recruitment.
  • The candidates aged below 25 years must be a bachelor. Marriage will not be allowed during the training time.
  • Candidates above 25 years of age will be qualified to apply for their respective academy while during the training time they will not be provided the married accommodation and they won’t be authorized to live with family outside the premises.

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CDS is an exam conducted by UPSC every year. It allows you to serve your country. It is considered one of the reputational jobs.

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